LibreOffice 2018 Download - Best Free Office Suite

LibreOffice 2018 Free Download, The package includes the word processor (Writer), presentations (Impress), spreadsheet (Calc) and database (Base). With this, you can open all the documents and file formats wherever you go.

This package is very complete and has a number of useful tools, especially if you have no money to buy a paid solution. The interface is simple, well-lightweight tools and can read multiple file types.
LibreOffice is one of the most complete programs for office solutions. Without any monthly fees or purchase, you can open files from other software such as PowerPoint, Word Excel, Word, Corel Draw, and you can create documents in the same formats.

LibreOffice 2018 download version 5.2.3 is bringing a number of new features, the most noticeable change in the graphical menu, leaving the minimalist look to facilitate access to one of the tools available. Moreover, all the space is organized to enhance the viewing of the document pages.

LibreOffice 2018

A reliable package!

LibreOffice 2018 has the main tools for daily tasks, such as: Writer, Calc, Impress & Draw, Base and Math. They are very light and require a powerful computer to execute, in addition to the friendly interface is very similar to the most popular programs on the market.

From word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and drawings to database management: The free software LibreOffice 5.2.3 creates a comprehensive software package for office users from multiple programs.

Everything You Need

Since 2010, LibreOffice Fresh 2010 has been developed independently of the OpenOffice project. The first stable version of the free software LibreOffice 2018 was published in January 2011 under the version number 3.3 and thus relation directly to the predecessor 3.2.1 with regard to numbering.

LibreOffice 2018

Programs running the LibreOffice Fresh 201_ include the drawing software and the word processor Writer. For spreadsheets, users can also access the Calc application. Under the name Impress, LibreOffice users will find all the tools for creating presentations. Last but not least, database management can be managed with the software base.


LibreOffice is also characterized by a wide support for various office formats. In particular, Microsoft Office files such as DOCX and DOC can easily be imported. Even tables with OLE links should be exchangeable with users of Microsoft Office without problems. From version 4, LibreOffice also supports input from touch-enabled monitors.

LibreOffice for PC has developed into a stand-alone and comprehensive office suite, which provides free software tools for most office users. In addition, users can enjoy regular updates that bring new features.

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, MAC, 32-bit and 64-bit
212 MB

LibreOffice Fresh 2018 Free Download

For Windows x86_64 (Vista or newer required): DOWNLOAD

For Windows x86_64 (Windows XP or newer required): Get

For Linux x64 (deb): Get

For Linux x64 (rpm): Get

For Linux x86 (deb): Get

For Linux x86 (rpm): Get

LibreOffice Fresh For Mac OS X x86_64 (10.8 or newer required): Here

LibreOffice Portable Download

LibreOffice Portable 2018 is portable version of LibreOffice . With it, the user has the same functionality of the office suite from the USB device. Here

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OpenOffice 2018 Download (full version) - Free Office Suite

OpenOffice 2018 Free Download (Version 4.1.3), This software has a very interesting premise, bringing free all the tools you can have in the Office official Microsoft software. It features a database that allows you to search the information in a simple and fast way. He has also the tools that will allow the creation of a few different things, like the case of a producer of labels or even personal card.

But we are talking about a Microsoft program, i.e. its price in the stores is not comfortable. Besides being extremely expensive it is updated after a certain cycle of years, causing you to spend even more money. Well, download Apache OpenOffice 2018 download. Besides giving you a totally free tools package, the program also opens a database where you can access all the files that have been saved to the ODT extension.

OpenOffice 2018


 OpenOffice 2018 full version offers the most common office applications and features similar to the leader Microsoft Office with the individual programs Writer (Calculation), Calc (Table Calculation), Impress (Presentation Program), Draw
(Graphics Program).

OpenOffice 2018

OpenOffice For Windows, Mac and Linux

OpenOffice 2018 provides the end user almost everything needed for home use, but also in professional use and the ongoing development promises future free further features. An overview about the recent changes of OpenOffice is on the official website offered to Apache Office package. In addition to the Windows version can be downloaded here available the Office suite is there also available for Mac OS X and Linux.

One also free and free version to Apache's Office complete package, there are, for example, with the split-off since 2010 on the development of LibreOffice (Windows). In the event that only interest in open and read the standard created by OpenOffice ODF files (Open Document Format) is to small tools like the offer ODT Viewer to which, however, only able to read the text files of OpenOffice Writer.

Back To The Past

StarOffice was purchased in 1999 by Microsystems and split into the free and under GNU licensed OpenOffice branch as well as the StarOffice still commercial. The OpenOffice or (as the correct name of the software is actually programmed by developers) can then quickly position itself as a cheap alternative to Microsoft's Office.

OpenOffice 2018

Originally named, leading the freeware since version 3.4.0 the name Apache OpenOffice to avoid trademark problems with protected products that fall back to the product OpenOffice. Also occurring confusion with the now set StarOffice of Oracle even with this change.

OpenOffice and StarOffice 

The relationship between the two non-identical programs is due to a common origin in development. In 2000, Apache OpenOffice emerged from the open source code from Oracle's StarOffice (which was bought by Microsystems ) and was henceforth of manufacturers Apache Software Foundation developed.

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, MAC OS X, IOS, Android, 32-bit and 64-bit
134 MB

Apache OpenOffice Writer 2018 Download

Download Apache OpenOffice 2018 For Windows (.EXE): DOWNLOAD

Download Apache OpenOffice For Linux 64-bit (x86-64) (DEB): Get

For Linux 64-bit (x86-64) (RPM): Get

For Linux 32-bit (x86) (DEB): Get

For Linux 32-bit (x86) (RPM): Get

Apache OpenOffice For Mac OS X (version >= 10.7) (DMG): Get

For OS X (version <= 10.6) (DMG): Get

OpenOffice 2018 Portable Version (for Windows): DOWNLOAD

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Internet Explorer 2017 Free Download - Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 201 For Windows 7 - Free Download

Microsoft has released the final version of the Internet browser for the operating system Windows 7 (SP1). Among other things, the IE10 provides improved support for CSS3 and HMTL5 Web standards, and JavaScript performance has also been optimized.

With Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (11.0.9600.16428), Microsoft provides its own Internet browser for its Windows operating system. The functionality includes a mode for private surfing and tracking protection; extensions extend the range of functions of the software.

Internet Explorer 2017 Latest Version download brings users of Windows 7 the latest version of the Microsoft browser to the computer. In Windows 8.1, the program is already pre-installed.

Internet Explorer11

With the Internet Explorer 2017 download, a whole group of new features have been implemented compared to the previous versions of the browser; So the video streaming capabilities have been updated and there is support for WebGL.
For more privacy when browsing, the so-called in Private mode ensures that no data about the current browser session is recorded on the computer. Cookies and temporary Internet files are not saved, and Internet Explorer does not record the visited pages during the process.

Like other popular browsers, Internet Explorer 2017 allows you to open various pages in the form of tabs placed next to the address bar. Thanks to the support of current web technologies such as WebGL,  and modern multimedia content can easily be displayed.

Internet Explorer 2017

Also new interface included, which displays the text of a web page without navigation elements and without advertising; In this view the separate definition of background and font size is possible. However, the read view is only available under the tile version of the Internet Explorer 11 download. Also included in the new version with Skype integration. When you highlight text on a web page, a Skype call is suggested. Available in desktop mode is Enterprise mode, which allows you to display pages in Internet Explorer 11 that would normally appear correctly only in Internet Explorer 7.8 and 9.
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, MAC OS X, IOS, Android, 32-bit and 64-bit
28 MB


Download Internet Explorer 2017 (Offline Installer) - For Windows 7 SP3:

Internet Explorer 11 (32-Bit)

Internet Explorer 11 (64-Bit)

Waterfox 2017 Free Download (Waterfox 50) - Latest Version

Waterfox 2017 Free Download

With Waterfox 2017 you can surf the internet like you are using firefox.
If you are surfing the web with Mozilla's browser, you will still have to use the 32-bit version, since a stable 64-bit version of Firefox is not available yet. If you do not want to wait until the developers offer an appropriate solution, WaterFox Browser 2017 is the best choice for you.

Similar to Firefox

Since there is only an early 64-bit version (not a stable version) of the browser from Mozilla, you can use Waterfox 2017 as an alternative. This can then be used at full speed on 64-bit systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. The browser is based on the source code of Firefox and according to the developer, its version is explicitly designed for performance, ie speed.

High Performance

This should be noticed not only during the surfing, but also at the start of the browser. It should be faster than the 32-bit version of the Mozilla Firefox and respond faster to input.
How well the performance is noticeable depends on the different systems on which the software is used. In order to use the open source version, Visual C ++ 2010 must be installed on the computer. The popular plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Java is available also in the 64-bit version to download.

Waterfox 2017

All Firefox structure is found here and its interface is pretty much the same. This allows you to adapt more easily to all the features that the browser brings to you. The Waterfox also brings the "private" mode navigation, allowing you to explore the internet without a trace wherever you go.


If you enjoy install extensions that facilitate your day to day, this browser also allows them to be applied to it. Most of those for Firefox can also be used here. However, not all add-ons in the Mozilla web store are compatible with Waterfox, which can cause certain operating errors.

Waterfox 2017

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, MAC OS X, IOS, Android, 32-bit and 64-bit
44 MB

Waterfox 2017 for Windows (64-bit): DOWNLOAD
Waterfox 50 for Windows (PORTABLE): DOWNLOAD
Waterfox 2017 for Linux: DOWNLOAD
Waterfox 2017 for Mac: DOWNLOAD

Opera 2017 Free Download
Flash Player 2017 Offline Installer

Adobe Flash Player 2017 (Offline Installer) Free Download - For All Browsers

Flash Player 2017 Offline Installer Free Download

Launched by Adobe developed Flash Player is one of the most successful web applications ever. Whether animated advertising, interactive Live Scores, Watch Live Stream, YouTube or any videos platforms, Adobe Flash Player Download is also widely used, which makes all these content visible to all.

Everything you should know about Adobe Flash Player

If you try to surf the Internet for a while without the Adobe Flash Player 2017, you'll be surprised how many of the multimedia features do not work at all. Therefore, is installing the Adobe Flash Player is necessary for anyone who wants to use the Internet in some form, practically indispensable.

Adobe Flash Player: HD, 3D and more - the benefits of Flash technology
Since the Adobe Flash Player 11.5, the computer has not only been able to play flash videos and 3D animations, compared to the previous versions, the CPU load could also be significantly reduced. This is because the Adobe Flash Player Download is able to redirect up to 85% of the processing steps to the GPU as a result of a video API stage .

Thanks to the collaboration of the graphics processor, HD videos can also play smoothly, which not overwhelmed the main processor. Also the hardware acceleration now supports all Flash video formats and not just the video codec H.264. Nice side effect. The Adobe Flash Player Download also allows you to play Flash games on the Internet.

Adobe Flash Player: 3D support and 64-bit support

Over the years of the development of the Flash Player improvements have been made, which gives the users an enjoyable usage. The use of Flash Player 2017 on mobile devices such as tablet PCs or smartphones (Android, IOS, Samsung) has been improved. This allows a more detailed representation of animated content on the Internet - but above all smooth.

Adobe Flash Player 2017

In the meantime, the Adobe Flash Player 2017 has established a usability of approximately 1.3 billion. According to the adobe, this surpasses the user numbers of the most sold game consoles of all times (the Nintendo DS) by the triple.

Flash Player 2017

Development of Flash Technology

The technology used by the player, Flash, has been a milestone on the Internet for years. Competing technologies such as HTML5 have not yet been able to achieve their full potential. The programming is done by the language Action Script. While it was previously the case that only Adobe offered a development environment, today, there are several programs from Adobe itself, from third-party developers and also from an independent open-source community, which make the creation of Flash content possible for almost everyone.

Adobe shockwave player The special feature of Flash is that you can create both banners, such as advertorials, but also menus, games or even a video player. The format behind Flash is called SWF (Shockwave Flash) - under this name the then owner Macromedia marketed the format. Many file types can be implemented in the SWF format, including graphics like JPG or PNG, in the video area MOV, AVI or MPEG or, in the area of audio files WAV or of course MP3. Since the boom of high-definition technology, the Adobe Flash Player also supports the H.264 standard.

The Flash technology but had to cope with setbacks: Since Android 4.4 Android versions are no longer with the as current Flash versions equipped, i.e.: Adobe has discontinued the adjustment of the Flash player on Android versions from 4.4. Flash expenditure on previous Android versions can be found here: Adobe Flash Player for Android 4.x and  here: Adobe Flash Player for Android 2.x and 3.x

Install Flash Player on Android - How it works

If there are problems with the Flash Player 2017, can be found at Adobe Flash Player does not work and Adobe Flash Player for Firefox is not working solutions, the product Adobe Flash Player Test - Flash is installed correctly? , You will learn how to test your Flash Player for correct installation. You can also spend about the possible settings Adobe Flash Player inform.


Flash Player 2017 for Windows (Firefox and Opera): DOWNLOAD

Flash Player for Windows (Internet Explorer): DOWNLOAD

Flash Player for Linux (Firefox and Opera): 32-bit - 64-bit

Flash Player for Mac (Opera / Chromium and Safari / Firefox): DOWNLOAD

Download Opera Browser 2017 Portable Version - Latest Version

Opera Portable 2017 Free Download is the portable version of the free web browser Opera.

The free browser Opera is not used as frequently as Firefox or chrome, but offers a wide range of benefits and useful features. This includes an integrated e-mail client, an integrated download manager, a torrent client and a widget engine. Since Opera is far from being found on all computers, it is worth it to have a portable version of the browser. Opera Portable is also very handy if you want to test the web browser simply without commitment. Because the portable version does not need to be installed. The program can be easily started from a USB stick and then used on any computer.

Opera 2017

To use Opera Portable 2017, they just you need to download downloaded Offered EXE file and copied to a USB stick. Then you start the program then a wizard through a short installation procedure. In this one, only the desired language is selected and the target list is selected. Afterwards, surfing the Internet with Opera Portable can start. The free software is operated as usual by browsers. On the right side of the interface, you can make settings, with the icon at the bottom left, you can hide and display panels.

Opera Portable interface

Conclusion of Free Opera Portable Downloads: Opera is rarely used as Firefox or Chrome as the browser offers a number of practical functions. If you want the web browser anywhere  or  test it just once, the Opera Portable is a good choice. More portable programs for all applications, see the DOWNLOADF.NET portable software Category.

Opera Portable

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, MAC OS X, IOS, Android, 32-bit and 64-bit
1 MB
Download Opera Browser Portable 2017 For Windows : DOWNLOAD

For Windows Setup Version (32-bit and 64-bit) (.EXE): DOWNLOAD

Opera Browser 2017 For Linux (Not Portable): DOWNLOAD

Opera Browser 2017 For Mac (Not Portable): DOWNLOAD

Download Google Chrome 2017 Portable Version - Latest Version

Google Chrome 2017 Free Download. Google Chrome is a lean and easy-to-use web browser that offers high speed browsing and a real alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer.

With the Google Chrome you get a browser that has everything, modern features such as tabs and phishing filter. You can also use the profile function to store individual settings, such as proxies - this option is especially useful on notebooks that using internet in various networks. The Google Chrome Zoom feature not only enhances the text, but the entire website, including all the images in-it.

Google Chrome vs. other browsers

The Google Chrome 2017 offers a number of advantages over other browsers. A separate process for each tab. As a result, the crash of one does not break all the opened pages in Google Chrome 2017. In addition, Google's JavaScript engine was completely redesigned. This is significantly faster than the competition. Especially on websites that are heavily based on techniques like JavaScript and AJAX (most of the Google services are based on it), the speed gain is significant. The Google Chrome use HTML rendering engine Webkit and like in other web browsers Opera and Safari which also use this free component.

Google Chrome 2017

New Features and assistance for the search engine

The form function from Google browser can automatically fill fields with predefined content such as name and e-mail address. This saves the time in typing and also reduces the incidence of input errors. The new full-screen mode of Google Chrome shows websites in full-screen. This option is particularly useful when viewing web pages with the browser through a small screen.

With version 4, Google also introduced a synchronization service for browser history (visited pages) and bookmark in Google Chrome. In this way, existing lists and 'History Data' are synchronized with different computers that you've logged on it. to use this service a user account on Google is necessary. In addition, the Google Chrome with Chrome Extensions ,Chrome Apps or Chrome themes are enriched with new functions.

Google Chrome Portable

Chrome 64-bit / 32-bit and Chrome Portable

In addition to 32-bit version of Google Chrome there is also Google Chrome in 64-bit as well as Google Chrome Portable .

- PDF and Flash view integrated
- Security system thanks to Incognito mode
- Fast page call
- No

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, MAC OS X, IOS, Android, 32-bit and 64-bit
28 MB
Google Chrome 2017 For Windows (PORTABLE VERSION): DOWNLOAD

Chrome 2017 For Windows (SETUP VERSION .EXE): DOWNLOAD

Chrome 2017 For Linux: DOWNLOAD

Chrome 2017 For Mac: DOWNLOAD

Download Google Chrome 2017 For Android: Play Store - APK

You May Also Like: VLC Media Player Portable 2017

Download VLC Media Player 2017 - Portable Version And Setup Version

VLC Media Player 2017 Free Download, This is the portable version of one of the most popular multimedia players available on the internet today. Portable VLC Media Player is specially designed to work from portable devices such as USB drive, with same features as on the Windows and Linux version.

The VLC Media Player (VLC stands for VideoLAN Client) Download is a free and open source Media player, that plays wide majority of audio and video files without the needed for additional codecs.

Furthermore, the program can also play videos and music from data carriers such as DVD, Audio CD and Video CD. The VLC Media Player can play even fragmentary or incomplete AVI files, the program also supports playback of various streaming protocols. For example, MPEG and DivX files can already be streamed during the download and viewed during the download. Also, the VLC Media Player for pc audio and video files can be streaming over the network .

VLC Media Player Download: More features and available versions VLC Media Player Portable supports creating playlists and dealing with subtitles. In addition, the program provides a complete group of filters, which also allow to apply effects in real-time.

vlc media player portable


Many skins for the VLC Media Player 2017 are available, with it you can adjust your needs the software interface. Besides to the offered to download Windows installation version there is a version for Mac, Linux and IOS and Android as well as a portable version for Windows PCs available.VLC Media Player VLC Media Player Download: New features in version 2.2.4, called "Weatherwax", some new features and improvements keep moving into the VLC Media Player offline over time.

vlc media player 2017

VLC for Android 

VLC 2017 is becoming a leader in video players, and the team of developers behind it often publishes new updates periodically. A manifestation of their effectiveness may be the fact that VLC is the first native player for Chrome OS-i.e.

Today was released the major update of Android app.


Since then VLC supports DLNA, Windows Network Sharing, browse installed network drives using a protocol Universal Plug-in Play, NFS, FTP and SFTP. Also can be added to favorites folders and direct links. For VLC 2.0 also can playing resources from the local network, and subtitle are supported.


If you cancel the playback of a video or audio, when you play it again the VLC Media Player 2017 continues at the previous point. Another new feature in the VLC Media Player version 2.2 is improved support for new HD codecs, VP9, Opus and H.265 / HEVC.

Extensions can now be downloaded directly from the program. In the current subversion 2.2.4 the developer has fixed various bugs and security gaps.

Hot keys

In the preferences section, you can set some hotkeys for you to handle better the program. By default these keys are already set, but you can edit them as you want, to adaptation better with VLC. Program Interface Its interface is very simple and with a greater focus to content, be it a movie or a song. Also, you can customize the interface to fit your preferences, such as removing some unnecessary functions. All features and improvements of version 2.2.4 can be found in the official release notes.


VLC 2017

VLC Media Player 2017 Free Download 
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, MAC OS X, IOS, Android, 32-bit and 64-bit
28 MB
Download vlc 2017 for Windows (Portable Version): CLICK HERE

Download vlc for Windows (Setup Version): 32-bit - 64-bit

Download vlc 2017 for Linux (Setup Version): CLICK HERE

Download vlc for Mac (Setup Version): CLICK HERE

vlc for Android: Play Store - APK

vlc for IOS : Apple Store

Google Chrome 2017 Final Version - Free Download

Google Chrome 2017 Offline and Online Versions

Since September 2008, under the name Google Chrome its own browser for free download. Google Chrome 2017, on operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10; (32-bit and 64-bit) ; Linux Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE ,Mac OS X, IOS and Android


One of the main arguments in the battle for browser user is surfing speed. The developers of Chrome recognize that among other things with V8, a virtual runtime environment for JavaScript, create a real acceleration when loading complex Web apps. To bring web page content quickly to the screen, Chrome uses the open source rendering engine WebKit, which has now been further developed under the name Blink. The combination of these and other techniques gives the Google Chrome 2017 regularly the top spot in the speed comparison.

Google Chrome 2017


To make Google Chrome 2017 stable developers on a multi-process architecture in which each new tab or plug-in is launched in a separate process. If there are any problems, the user will receive an error message in the corresponding tab window.
For example, crash Tab, only it is terminated, without the entire browser is affected. The functionality and stability of the browser should not be affected by these so-called "crashed tabs" or "crashed plugins".

Sandbox Technologies

For sites that are suspected to distribute malware or other malicious content, Chrome displays an alert to its users thanks to the Safe Browsing technology. sandbox technologies should also make sure that does not install malware on the computer or can affect active tabs. In addition, Chrome checks whether new security updates are ready to download and install them automatically.

Extensive Extra Functions

Besides the now usual standard features such as tabs, in one box for simultaneous input of addresses and searches and a Chrome incognito mode offers a variety of extra features. So can the web browser GUI designs are adapted to the user’s needs.
Moreover, in the Chrome Web Store Thousands extensions and web apps available for the Google chrome 2017 browser can be downloaded.

Google Chrome 2017

Synchronizations mode with ease

Google equips the Chrome browser 2017 out with an extensive Synchronization tool. After logging in the browser (with a Google Account) bookmarks, search history and all settings between devices are synchronized, that user is login on. even open tabs, for example, displayed on the Smartphone or tablet to the desktop.

If one wants to surf internet quickly, and safety,  google chrome 2017 free download english is one of the numerous browser alternatives who earns a surfing test. In addition, the browser can thanks to countless apps, extensions and themes are adjusted individually. With the synchronization function has one addition with a notification anywhere access to your bookmarks, saved passwords, etc. - which is very helpful especially in combination with the mobile versions of the browser.
However, users of the Chrome browser must be clear that Google collects comprehensive data on the surfing behavior. Win this very open engagement does not interfere in the Internet privacy, which receives with Chrome one of the top browser used in terms of speed, security, and adaptability.

Download Chrome 64-bit

It is obvious that analyze a Beta version is tricky because it's likely that there are other changes to really a final version of the browser is available to the users. Still, the new features proved very stable, making navigation became more practical to load pages faster and its very fast even when opening multiple tabs. The 64-bit test version was finally released, but only emphasized those using Windows 7, 8 / 8.1 or 10.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible that you do not know the most used browser in world: the famous Google Chrome Final . The great advantage of it is in its use of practicality and lightness in consumed computer resources. Among all existing browsers, it is one of the least consume memory and physical hard drive space. Before launching a new product on the market, Google launched a trial version - Chrome Beta - so the users can do tests and send a quality feedback report. Thus, the search giant is likely to provide a complete and functional product for your PC.

What's new?

This time, the package of improvements to the browser is brief and only has some minor improvements. Between them:
• search feature for images without radically affecting navigation;
• Errors corrected on all platforms that support the browser;
• New APIs for those who want to develop applications or extensions to the browser;
• 26% faster time to open any website;
• Fixed some security bugs at the time of navigation, called Safe Browsing;
• Standardization of WebGL and JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics and 2D on the Android;
• Automatic identification of the tabs that are playing some kind of audio through a small speaker icon on the right corner of the tab;
• Change interface for users of Windows 8, with application launch bar and even a built-in clock.

Now 64-bit!

Google is developing a 64-bit version of Chrome already has some time, but only now Chrome will work on a 64-bit architecture, ensuring a number of improvements to the browser: improved loading speed and processing pages, optimized management RAM, and for anyone who uses Windows 8 / 8.1, integration with protective tools against cyber threats.

Thus, although a trial and still be subject to some failures, the novelty is 50% - about - more stable than the traditional 32-bit version. Also, if you are those who have the habit of opening several tabs in the browser (tens), the crashes should decrease considerably.

Beta Version

As a version still in testing, Google Chrome Beta 2017 Latets Version  may present problems in some protocols. Therefore, it states that you can navigate with it quietly on the web, but it is good to avoid access bank accounts or validate entries of important and personal sites.

Dowloading Google Chrome
August 20th, 2016
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, MAC OS X, IOS, Android, 32-bit and 64-bit
43 MB

Chrome 2017 Windows Linux Mac IOS Android
Chrome x86 (32-bit) Download Download Download
Chrome x64 (64-bit) Download
Chrome x86 (32-bit) Download Download Download
Chrome x64 (64-bit) Download

Download Samsung Usb Driver For Mobile Phones - Latest Version

Samsung Usb Driver For Mobile Phones Free Download, Long time ago, in order to install the correct drivers for a smartphone or a samsung tablet, a software was needed to be installed, it was from samsung called kies. But if one of the good things about android is its freedom, why would I want to install such software on my computer to install drivers? If all we want is that our brand samsung mobile device and our computer to communicate, sometimes the only thing we need is to install the driver and that what samsung usb driver.exe do.

In android, we can get virtually anything thanks to the developer community and no, it is not necessary to install samsung kies. If we want only the drivers, we can install only the drivers. In this article, we will tell you where to get them and how to install them for you, so say goodbye to try ramming samsung software.

What is a driver?

A driver (device driver) or controller, is a small computer program that allows an operating system to communicate with a peripheral (a device or auxiliary and independent device connected to a cpu), making an abstraction of the hardware and providing an interface to use the device. More simply, so that an operating system can use any external device, you need special software to communicate with it. Perhaps the younger do not remember, but a decade ago, to use any peripheral, such as a web cam with a windows computer, we had to install software that came on a cd. Otherwise, many times (from xp) detected that there was a camera, but it did not work. The drivers that came on the cd (even comes in some current products) so that the camera was running smoothly.

Where can I get samsung usb driver software?

Good news, you do not have to go anywhere, you can find download links down bellow, click on the link and it will start immediately.

Samsung usb driver is free for all users and is valid for any samsung device, among which are the samsung galaxy s4, s3, s2, etc. All these devices must operate through the android operating system. This tool is very simple to use and is very fast. To operate, you only have to install the program and insert through our samsung usb device for pc, the program will recognize it instantly and then start working.

My opinion

Samsung usb driver for mobile phones is a necessary tool for us to have our samsung devices in perfect condition. The program is very easy to use and further facilities are made very quickly.

Very easy to use
Free for all users
Quick installs and efficient drivers

August 20th, 2016
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 32-bit and 64-bit
24 MB
Samsung Drivers
Download Samsung Android USB Driver 2016 for Windows v1.5.61.0

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