Download FlagFox for Firefox - Add-ons for Firefox

Flagfox adds a whole slew of features to Firefox's address bar.

Flagfox's main purpose is to look at the site you're visiting and find its location, IP address, and other information. to find the geographical location of a website's server.

Flagfox can accurately detect the country where the web server is actually located, even though the domain name indicates different

You can take advantage of the features that Flagfox brings in order to check site safety, shorten long URLs, view and copy the IP address and other specific data.

Features from the official website:

Site safety and malware checks

Finding similar sites and reviews

Automatic translation to your language

SEO and web development research

Quick URL shortening

Copying a server's IP address or other info

or you can create your own custom actions!

Diagnostics like pings and traceroutes

Whois and DNS information

Page code validation

Version: 5.0.10

License: Free

File size: 500KB

Operating Systems:

Linux, Mac OS X, windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Download FlagFox for Firefox: Get

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