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Opera Browser 2023 free download, Opera is a web browser known worldwide, but not so used as its main competitors, Google Chrome 2023 , Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. This does not mean that the browser is worse than its competitors, but it's past versions very unfortunate.

However, reviews and feed-backs about Opera Performance have corrected practically all the mistakes, especially those related to the marking of favorite pages. Furthermore, its performance has been considerably improved.


Opera's interface has changed in recent years in order to find a good solution to combat competition, and, it seems, developers finally got something concrete and stable to offer users.

The main frame remains the same, looking very sober and very similar to the other browsers, but the screen "Speed Dial," one that brings your favorite sites organized in grid, has been redesigned and is more beautiful. it also has aggregated the functions of the old menu "discover", which brings news relevant to the user, and "Bookmarks", the area that organizes the favorites that you mark on the web.

In addition, the newest feature is the possibility of installing animated themes in the browser. There are already several options available here to download. Be sure to try.


another element that draws attention in Opera is the system of markers or "Favorites" in other browsers, but in this browser the item operates in a far more advanced. There is a specific screen for this, you will find an organization bookmark folders on the left and a screen for displaying items on the right.

You can search for bookmarks, rearrange everything and share bookmarks folder with friends. Simply open a bookmark folder, select an item to share, and then tap "share". Immediately, a link will be given to you, send it to your friend. The people who receive this link can access and import bookmarks folder to their browsers.

Outside this, those terrible importing favorites problems in the previous versions fixed. now, when you making the importation, your favorites are immediately converted into markers with thumbnails that integrate with the visual style of the browser. The navigation data, as historical and saved passwords, can also be imported.

Opera Browser 2023

There is a folder called "Trash" in the markers, which concentrates all favorites excluded. By accessing this directory, you can manage these items and undo the deletion.


Recently, the Opera won some improvements regarding safety and received two interesting functions. Although there are many, the novelties leave the browser more stable and functional.

Opera Browser 2023

With Opera 2023, instead of opening a page to view the content, simply move the mouse over the title and see everything without leaving the site that you are navigating. To use this function, just click on the expansion button of tabs (A down arrow on the side of minimizing option) and pass the mouse over the items in the popup shown on screen.

In the previous version, Opera browser 2023 has implemented a newness that can make it the most beloved among the browser users concerned about privacy. The Known VPN "SurfEasy Tool" is now natively integrated to Opera, and the user can create an account and begin to surf the web without anyone being able to track your location without major problems.


In addition to synchronize favorites also you can synchronize all your browsing history between Blackberry smartphones and computers.

This means that all websites in your phone will register on your computer. In its new screen of Speed Dial, click the function "Tabs" and check out the browser history of all devices connected to your account operates.

It's important to note that this timing function only shows the history of all your devices in the version of the Opera for computers. In the mobile phone, you can only view the sites you accessed directly on your cell phone. This at least for a while. The Opera can still synchronize passwords and logins saved in the browser, but this is still not available in their versions mobile.

Moreover, the interface operates 32 had some changes in its interface, as regards the management of open tabs. A new button in the extreme upper right corner allows you give everything that is open in the current window with a new animation that occupies the entire area of the program. The same can be done with the command "Ctrl Tab".

OS: Windows 10 , Windows 7 ,Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS X, 32-bit

Opera 2023 free download for Windows, Mac and Linux (Offline Installer)

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