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Pokémon GO 2023 apk for Android free download

What's Pokémon GO:

The pocket monster or as known Pokémon is an iconic cartoon. Pokemon GO 2023 has embraced the inherited fame and sold out as a reality game on smart phones. It’s a game that uses aspects of real life and puts on the magical world.

You play by walking around the real world catching little virtual monsters like the famous Pokémon ‘‘Pikachu’’ in places near your phone location and training them to fight each other. The game uses your phone’s camera and GPS to look for Pokémon on your screen. Things are overlaid on top of what you see in front of you, and the digital can be customized with clothing and you level up as you play. The funniest part is the use of your energy and time. You will need to walk a couple of yards down the street, round a corner, or enter a new place, in search of new Pokémon. If the timing is right, wild Pokémon Go leap out at you, giving you a chance to catch them with a Pokéball.

Pokéball is another vocabulary that you need to be familiar with in this game. It is a supply that you can throw to capture Pokémon for training. In addition to that, you need also to be familiar with Pokestop which is usually predetermined landmarks that you can interact with and get items from. The game gives you a limited amount of Pokéballs, for this reason you need to catch as much as wild Pokémon by throwing Pokéball using a quick movement with your fingers. On occasions, it could be extremely frustrating. Yet, sometimes they try to resist.

How can I get it on my phone?

On the App Store or Google Play. It's free but as with other free games, there are things to buy with real money once you're in the game.

What do you do with them?

The game gives you a limited amount of Pokéballs. So when you capture a Pokémon GO 2023, it gets added to your Pokédex, a sort of Pokémon database, where you can personalize them. Later you can battle your Pokémon against other people and earn all sort of things as well as get rewarded.

Should I worry about my safety?

Pokémon Go clearly is nothing but a plot of Big Video Game for you to get up and move. As I mentioned before, it is that simply means you need to pay with your time and energy. However, there are some cases when Pokemon Go 2023 Download can get dangerous. For instance; police departments have issued slightly funny warnings to players as reminding of their safety, like checking both sides of the street before crossing.

Has the game been successful so far?

So far the game is a phenomenon. Nintendo shares have skyrocketed. The application is currently on the track to overtake Twitter in the number of active users. The game seems to be capturing big markets in the world. In short, it has gone viral.

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