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LibreOffice 2020 Free Download, The package includes the word processor (Writer), presentations (Impress), spreadsheet (Calc) and database (Base). With this, you can open all the documents and file formats wherever you go.

This package is very complete and has a number of useful tools, especially if you have no money to buy a paid solution. The interface is simple, well-lightweight tools and can read multiple file types.
LibreOffice 2020 offline installer is one of the most complete programs for office solutions. Without any monthly fees or purchase, you can open files from other software such as PowerPoint, Word Excel, Word, Corel Draw, and you can create documents in the same formats.

LibreOffice 2020 download version 5.2.3 is bringing a number of new features, the most noticeable change in the graphical menu, leaving the minimalist look to facilitate access to one of the tools available. Moreover, all the space is organized to enhance the viewing of the document pages.

LibreOffice 2020

A reliable package!

LibreOffice 2020 has the main tools for daily tasks, such as: Writer, Calc, Impress & Draw, Base and Math. They are very light and require a powerful computer to execute, in addition to the friendly interface is very similar to the most popular programs on the market.

From word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and drawings to database management: The free software LibreOffice 5.2.3 creates a comprehensive software package for office users from multiple programs.

Everything You Need

Since 2010, LibreOffice Fresh 2010 has been developed independently of the OpenOffice project. The first stable version of the free software LibreOffice 2018 was published in January 2011 under the version number 3.3 and thus relation directly to the predecessor 3.2.1 with regard to numbering.

LibreOffice 2020

Programs running the LibreOffice Fresh 2020 include the drawing software and the word processor Writer. For spreadsheets, users can also access the Calc application. Under the name Impress, LibreOffice users will find all the tools for creating presentations. Last but not least, database management can be managed with the software base.


LibreOffice is also characterized by a wide support for various office formats. In particular, Microsoft Office files such as DOCX and DOC can easily be imported. Even tables with OLE links should be exchangeable with users of Microsoft Office without problems. From version 4, LibreOffice also supports input from touch-enabled monitors.

LibreOffice for PC has developed into a stand-alone and comprehensive office suite, which provides free software tools for most office users. In addition, users can enjoy regular updates that bring new features.

OS:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, MAC, 32-bit and 64-bit.

VERSION: 5.2.3


LibreOffice Fresh 2020 Free Download

For Windows x86_64 (Vista or newer required): DOWNLOAD

For Windows x86_64 (Windows XP or newer required): Get

For Linux x64 (deb): Get

For Linux x64 (rpm): Get

For Linux x86 (deb): Get

For Linux x86 (rpm): Get

LibreOffice Fresh For Mac OS X x86_64 (10.8 or newer required): Here

LibreOffice Portable Download

LibreOffice Portable 2020 is portable version of LibreOffice . With it, the user has the same functionality of the office suite from the USB device. Here

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