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VLC 2023 free download, This is the portable version of one of the most popular multimedia players available on the internet today. Portable VLC Media Player 2023 is specially designed to work from portable devices such as USB drive, with same features as on the Windows and Linux version.

The VLC Media Player 2023 (VLC stands for VideoLAN Client) Download is a free and open source Media player, that plays wide majority of audio and video files without the needed for additional codecs.

Furthermore, the program can also play videos and music from data carriers such as DVD, Audio CD and Video CD. The VLC Media Player can play even fragmentary or incomplete AVI files, the program also supports playback of various streaming protocols. For example, MPEG and DivX files can already be streamed during the download and viewed during the download. Also, the VLC Media Player for pc audio and video files can be streaming over the network .

VLC Media Player 2023 download: More features and available versions VLC Media Player Portable supports creating playlists and dealing with subtitles. In addition, the program provides a complete group of filters, which also allow to apply effects in real-time.

VLC 2023


Many skins for the VLC Media Player 2023 are available, with it you can adjust your needs the software interface. Besides to the offered to download Windows installation version there is a version for Mac, Linux and IOS and Android as well as a portable version for Windows PCs available.VLC Media Player VLC Media Player Download: New features in version 2.2.4, called "Weatherwax", some new features and improvements keep moving into the VLC Media Player offline over time.

VLC 2023

VLC for Android 

VLC 2023 is becoming a leader in video players, and the team of developers behind it often publishes new updates periodically. A manifestation of their effectiveness may be the fact that VLC is the first native player for Chrome OS-i.e.

Today was released the major update of Android app.


Since then VLC 2023 supports DLNA, Windows Network Sharing, browse installed network drives using a protocol Universal Plug-in Play, NFS, FTP and SFTP. Also can be added to favorites folders and direct links. For VLC 2.0 also can playing resources from the local network, and subtitle are supported.


If you cancel the playback of a video or audio, when you play it again the VLC Media Player 2017 continues at the previous point. Another new feature in the VLC Media Player version 2.2 is improved support for new HD codecs, VP9, Opus and H.265 / HEVC.

Extensions can now be downloaded directly from the program. In the current subversion 2.2.4 the developer has fixed various bugs and security gaps.

Hot keys

In the preferences section, you can set some hotkeys for you to handle better the program. By default these keys are already set, but you can edit them as you want, to adaptation better with VLC. Program Interface Its interface is very simple and with a greater focus to content, be it a movie or a song. Also, you can customize the interface to fit your preferences, such as removing some unnecessary functions. All features and improvements of version 2.2.4 can be found in the official release notes.


VLC 2023

VLC 2023 for Windows (Portable Version): Get

for Windows (Setup Version): 32-bit - 64-bit

VLC for Linux (Setup Version): Get

VLC 2023 for Mac (Setup Version): Get

VLC for Android: Play Store - APK

VLC for IOS : Apple Store

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