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OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, MAC OS X, IOS, Android, 32-bit and 64-bit

VERSION: 4.1.3

DEVELOPER: openoffice.org

Apache OpenOffice Writer 2023 Download

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OpenOffice 2023 Free Download (Version 4.1.3), This software has a very interesting premise, bringing free all the tools you can have in the Office official Microsoft software. It features a database that allows you to search the information in a simple and fast way. He has also the tools that will allow the creation of a few different things, like the case of a producer of labels or even personal card.

But we are talking about a Microsoft program, i.e. its price in the stores is not comfortable. Besides being extremely expensive it is updated after a certain cycle of years, causing you to spend even more money. Well, download Apache OpenOffice 2023 Offline Installer. Besides giving you a totally free tools package, the program also opens a database where you can access all the files that have been saved to the ODT extension.

OpenOffice 2023


OpenOffice 2023 Latest Version offers the most common office applications and features similar to the leader Microsoft Office with the individual programs Writer (Calculation), Calc (Table Calculation), Impress (Presentation Program), Draw
(Graphics Program).

OpenOffice 2023

OpenOffice For Windows, Mac and Linux

OpenOffice 2023 provides the end user almost everything needed for home use, but also in professional use and the ongoing development promises future free further features. An overview about the recent changes of OpenOffice is on the official website offered to Apache Office package. In addition to the Windows version can be downloaded here available the Office suite is there also available for Mac OS X and Linux.

One also free and free version to Apache's Office complete package, there are, for example, with the split-off since 2010 on the development of LibreOffice (Windows). In the event that only interest in open and read the standard created by OpenOffice ODF files (Open Document Format) is to small tools like the offer ODT Viewer to which, however, only able to read the text files of OpenOffice Writer.

Back To The Past

StarOffice was purchased in 1999 by Microsystems and split into the free and under GNU licensed OpenOffice branch as well as the StarOffice still commercial. The OpenOffice or OpenOffice.org (as the correct name of the software is actually programmed by developers) can then quickly position itself as a cheap alternative to Microsoft's Office.

OpenOffice 2023

Originally named OpenOffice.org, leading the freeware since version 3.4.0 the name Apache OpenOffice to avoid trademark problems with protected products that fall back to the product OpenOffice. Also occurring confusion with the now set StarOffice of Oracle even with this change.

OpenOffice and StarOffice 

The relationship between the two non-identical programs is due to a common origin in development. In 2000, Apache OpenOffice emerged from the open source code from Oracle's StarOffice (which was bought by Microsystems ) and was henceforth of manufacturers Apache Software Foundation developed.