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Where to Download PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile for Android is available on the Play Store


You can download the PUBG Mobile APK directly as APK:

Download From Archive.org

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Where to Download PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile is available on the Play Store


You can download the PUBG Mobile APK directly as APK:

Download From Archive.org

Download From Google Drive

Download From Mediafire

Download From Mega

Frequently Asked Questions

  • where pubg mobile first released
  • Initial release date: February 9, 2023
  • is pubg mobile on bluestacks
  • Yes you can play PUBG Mobile with Bluestacks, you’ll need to install the latest version of BlueStacks. (Please note that "Bluestacks 3" is not compatible).
  • will pubg mobile run on 2gb ram
  • Yes you can, for Android users: Device running Android version 5.1.1 or higher with  2GB of RAM and 2GB of free storage can run the game without any problems.
  • is pubg mobile free
  • PUBG Mobile can be downloaded and played for free on both iOS and Android devices from the App store and Google Play. but it contains in app purchases.

PUBG Mobile Versions

PUBG Mobile is a hit that has played a lot of users lately. Game developers have
decided to release a large update to the mobile edition of the game and we already
know what was inside.

PUBG for Android 2023 is one of the most popular games we can see today. Its low-budget mobile
optimization means that it is played by millions of users around the world. Today
we also have good news for the owners of these devices, because the performance
could improve in their terminals after the update .

The PUBG Mobile version after the update was marked as 0.5.0 and brings, among
others, the Miramar map . A desert location measuring 8 by 8 kilometers was
previously available, inter alia, on desktop computers. In addition to the map,
more vehicles and weapons were also added to the game.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile 2

PUBG Mobile also received the Mission of Progress- what is this? This is a game
mode that requires you to complete the right task at the end. Diversifying the
production in this way is to encourage players to spend even more time in front of
the screens of smartphones. The last visible change is the ability to connect to
selected players from the area using a special 6 digit PIN - it can be made
available to the entire team so that it has control over who joins the session.

PUBG Mobile 3

Smaller additions in PUBG Mobile are optimizations and patches for the stability of
the application itself - the game is supposed to work simply faster and more

New update

Tomorrow the game will be updated and you will be able to play a new mode in PUBG .
We still do not know what it will be called.

Currently there are a good number of mid-range phones that can run the game fairly
well. With the update tomorrow will come some very interesting news for users of a
mid-range or low-end terminal.

In the graphics configuration it will be allowed to deactivate the shadows of the
game . This detail could make the game's performance even greater in mid-range and
low-end devices. In addition, fixed land failure will also be corrected in some low
budget mobiles.

PUBG for mobile

In the home screen of PUBG for Android you will be asked to play as a guest or use
your Facebook account. This point is important because if you play as a guest, all
the progress of your account will be lost every time you close the game within
Octopus. On the contrary, if you use your Facebook account, all the progress will
be maintained every time you play PUBG through Octopus. However, we recommend that
you use a secondary Facebook account or with real information to avoid possible
data leakage.

Home screen of PUBG for mobile
Home screen of PUBG for mobile

use the controls of your video game console to play PUBG on your android mobile

- After indicating how you want to play, you will have to create a character, after
which you will have to click on the small purple octopus icon on the left side of
your screen. This will show the controls editor for PUBG. (The octopus icon may be
to move it to any other part of the edge of the screen). If you have trouble
remembering what controls are in the default locations, let the game load
completely to start the driver configuration process afterwards.

create a character PUBG

Play PUBG on Android with the XBOX or ps4 controls

- Even if you have connected a command, Octopus will show the keyboard controls by
default, so you must click on the Mode option. Here you can choose the console
command mode (GamePad). This will now show the buttons corresponding to the command
used to play PUBG.

you can now use the ps4 or XBOX controls to play PUBG on Android

- By default the controls are set up relatively well, however, you may want to
customize them. However, it should be noted that they can be customized to a large
extent to adapt them to your way of playing.

- Once everything is configured according to your taste, you can close the control
settings (octopus icon) to start playing PUBG using the PS4, XBOX, mouse or
keyboard command.

- It should be noted that the virtual keys of your PS4 or XBOX control will be
displayed on the PUBG game to facilitate its use. This is advisable for beginner
players, however in case you do not want to visualize these buttons superimposed on
the game, you can hide them completely. To do so, click on the octopus icon, then
on the Settings option and here adjust the Transparency slider.

- Although I do not particularly agree with the idea of controllers in mobile
games, it seems that almost everyone is looking for a way to do it, so be sure to
share this information with all your friends to level the battlefield of the game .

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