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ImageResizer is a .NET image processing library that allows developers to dynamically resize, convert, and manipulate images on-the-fly. It is open-source and free to use under the permissive MIT License.


Version: 3.1.2
Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7
License: Free
Author: Brice Lambson


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  • ImageResizer 1
  • ImageResizer 2
  • ImageResizer 3
  • ImageResizer 4


Frequently Asked Questions

Is ImageResizer free?

Yes, ImageResizer is available as a free download.

What is ImageResizer latest version?

The latest version of ImageResizer is 3.1.2.

What is the best free image resizer?

There are many free image resizers available online. Some popular options include:-ImageResizer-Simple Image Resizer-Free Image Resizer-Image Optimizer

How can I resize a photo for free?

There are many ways to resize photos for free. Some popular methods include using online photo editors, downloading photo editing software, or using a mobile app.

How can I resize without losing quality?

It is typically impossible to resize images without losing quality. When changing the dimensions of an image, you are introducing distortion.

Which is the best photo resizer app?

There is no definitive best photo resizer app. However, there are a number of apps that offer photo resizing capabilities, and some of these apps may be better suited for your needs than others. Popular photo resizer apps include Image Resizer, PhotoResize, and ResizeImage.

What is the easiest way to resize photos?

The easiest way to resize photos is by using an online photo resizer.

How do I resize a photo on my phone?

To resize a photo on your phone, open the photo in the photo editing app. Then, tap the resize icon and choose the desired size.

How do I resize a JPEG image?

First, open the JPEG image in an image editing program like Photoshop, GIMP, or Picasa. Next, go to the "Image" menu and select "Image Size." A window will open giving you the option to change the width and height of your image. Finally, make your changes and click "OK."

How do I resize photos?

There are a number of ways to resize a photo. One way is to open the photo in an editing program and use the resize function. Another way is to use an online photo editor.

Does resizing an image reduce quality?

Resizing an image can reduce its quality if the image is enlarged or if the aspect ratio is changed.

How do I resize an image to 300 dpi?

In Photoshop, you can change your image’s DPI in the Image Size menu. To resize a photo for prints, you want your final print size in inches to appear in the Document Size menu. To learn more about changing your image’s resolution and printing an image, click here.

Why does my image get blurry when I make it smaller?

There are a few reasons why your images might get blurry when you make them smaller. One reason is that the pixels in your image get stretched out when you make the image smaller. This makes the image look blurry. Another reason is that the file format of your image might not support resizing.

Is resizing app safe?

Yes, resizing is safe.

Is there an app for resizing pictures?

There are many apps for resizing pictures. Some of these apps are free and some are paid.

How do I resize a photo on my iPhone for free?

There is no built-in feature to resize photos on your iPhone. However, you can use the editing tools in the Photos app to crop photos, which will effectively resize them.

How can I resize an image without Photoshop?

There are a number of ways to resize an image without Photoshop, including using free online tools like PicResize, ResizePic, and Simple Image Resizer.

Can I resize multiple photos at once?

Yes. To resize multiple photos at once, hold down theCtrlkey (Windows) or Commandkey (Mac) while selecting the photos you want to resize. Then, click one of the resize options at the top of the window.

How do I resize a photo in high resolution?

Go to Image > Image Size. Make sure Resample Image is selected, then choose your desired resolution from the drop-down menu.

How do I resize a photo on my iPhone?

There is no built-in function to resize photos on iPhone. However, you can use the pinch-to-zoom gesture to zoom in and out on photos. You can also use the built-in image editor to crop photos.

How do you make a JPEG file smaller in size?

One way to make a JPEG file smaller in size is to reduce its resolution.

How do I reduce the size of a JPEG without losing quality?

There are a few ways to reduce the size of a JPEG without losing quality. One way is to use an online tool like Kraken.io. Another way is to use a free program like GIMP. Finally, you can use Photoshop.

How do you resize a JPEG to a PDF?

There is no single answer to this question as the process of resizing a JPEG to a PDF will vary depending on the software you are using. However, in general, you should be able to open the JPEG file in your software of choice and then use the size options to resize the image to the desired PDF dimensions. If you are unsure of how to do this, consult the software's help documentation for instructions.

What is 600x600 pixels in width and height?

600x600 pixels is equal to 3600x3600 pixels.

What is DPI resolution?

The DPI resolution is the measure of the number of dots per inch in a print.

What is the pixel size for 500 KB?

A 500 kb image has about 500 pixels in width and about 630 pixels in length.

What resolution is 300 DPI?

300 DPI is a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

How do I resize an image and maintain original sharpness?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Depending on the software you are using, there are a variety of ways to resize an image while maintaining original sharpness. Some software programs offer a "lanczos" or "bicubic" interpolation option, which typically does a good job of preserving sharpness. other software programs may offer a "bilinear" interpolation option, which typically does not preserve sharpness as well as "lanczos" or "bicubic."

What is resize app?

Resize is a free app that allows users to resize and crop images on their iOS devices. The app offers a simple interface and a variety of editing tools to help users get the perfect image. Resize also offers a Premium subscription that unlocks additional features, such as the ability to remove watermarks and ads.

How do I download ImageResizer?

You can download ImageResizer from its official website at https://imageresizer.com/download.

How much does ImageResizer cost?

ImageResizer is free. However, commercial support and custom development services are available.

Is ImageResizer safe?

Yes, ImageResizer is safe to use. ImageResizer does not add any harmful or malicious code to your images.

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