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The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is a software package that provides a Java Virtual Machine and other class libraries and tools necessary for running Java applications.


Version: 8 update 331
Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
License: Free
Languages: English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese
Author: Oracle


  • Java Runtime Environment 0
  • Java Runtime Environment 1
  • Java Runtime Environment 2


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Java Runtime Environment free?

Yes, Java Runtime Environment is available as a free download.

What is Java Runtime Environment latest version?

The latest version of Java Runtime Environment is 8 update 331.

What is the best Java Runtime Environment?

The best Java Runtime Environment is the one provided by Oracle.

Why is Java 8 still popular?

There are a number of reasons why Java 8 is still popular. First, it is a very stable platform with a wide range of features and capabilities. Second, it has a large community of developers and users, and third, it is widely used in a variety of industries.

What is the latest Java Runtime Environment?

The latest Java Runtime Environment is 1.8.0_161.

What is difference between JRE and JVM?

JRE is the Java Runtime Environment. JVM is the Java Virtual Machine. JRE contains JVM and other components to run a Java program.

What is JVM and JDK?

JVM is the Java Virtual Machine and JDK is the Java Development Kit.

What JVM means?

Java Virtual Machine

Why is JRE not installed?

The answer to this question depends on the specific situation in which JRE is not installed. Some potential reasons for why JRE might not be installed include:-The user may not have enough permissions to install JRE-There may not be enough disk space to install JRE-The user may not have access to the installation files-The user may not have the necessary skills to install JRE

Is JDK the same as Java?

JDK is Java Development Kit, which is used for developing Java applications. Java is a platform-independent, object-oriented programming language.

What is JDK JRE JVM and JIT?

JDK is the Java Development Kit, JRE is the Java Runtime Environment, JVM is the Java Virtual Machine, and JIT is the Just-In-Time compiler.

Do we need JRE to run Java?

JRE is not required to run java. but JRE is required to run compiled java classes.

Which Java version is mostly used?

The most recent stable release is Java SE 13.

What is the newest version of Java?

The newest version of Java is version 12.

Is Java 1.8 the same as Java 8?

Yes, they are the same.

Is Java 1.8 the same as Java 11?

No, they are not the same. Java 1.8 is an earlier version of the Java programming language, while Java 11 is a newer version.

What should Java_home be set to Windows?

The Java_home variable should be set to the location of your Java installation. For example, if you have installed Java in the C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_73 directory, then your Java_home variable should be set to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_73.

Is JRE virtual machine?

JRE is a platform-independent runtime environment that runs Java programs. JRE does not contain a virtual machine, but it contains a set of libraries and other files that JRE uses to run Java programs.

What is JDK in simple language?

JDK is a software development environment used for developing Java applications and applets. It includes the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), an interpreter/loader (Java), a compiler (javac), an archiver (jar), a documentation generator (Javadoc) and other tools needed in Java development.

Is JDK or JRE better?

JDK is better than JRE because JDK provides a platform to develop, compile and execute Java programs. JRE is only used to execute Java programs.

Can Java run without JRE?

No, it’s not possible. JRE is required to Run Java applications.

Can JDK be installed without JRE?

Yes, it is possible to install the JDK without the JRE.Can I use JRE instead of JDK?2

What is needed to run Java?

To run Java, you need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which may or may not include a Java Development Kit (JDK). A JDK is required if you want to develop Java programs or if the JRE does not include the full set of Java class libraries.

Where do I run Java code?

Java code can be run on a variety of platforms, including computers, servers, tablets, and smartphones.

Which software is used in Java programming?

Eclipse is a popular IDE for Java programming.

Is Java the same as JDK?

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a Software Development Kit made available by Oracle Corporation. It is used to develop Java applications and applets. The JDK includes a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which enables Java applications to run on a system. The JDK also includes a set of development tools, such as the Java compiler, javadoc, and debuggers.

Is JRE and JDK both required?

Both JRE and JDK are required. JRE is required for running Java applications. JDK is required for developing Java applications.

How do I download Java Runtime Environment?

You can download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Windows using the following link.http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre7-downloads-1880261.html

How do I use Java Runtime Environment?

To use the Java Runtime Environment, you need to install the Java SE Runtime Environment on your system.

How much does Java Runtime Environment cost?

There is no cost to download or use the Java Runtime Environment.

Is Java Runtime Environment safe?

The Java Runtime Environment is safe to use and is not a threat to your computer's security.

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