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Opera Browser is a web browser developed by Opera Software. It is a cross-platform browser, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.


Version: 80.0.4170.72
Requirements: Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 11, Windows 8, Windows 10
License: Free
Languages: English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese
Author: Opera Software


  • Opera Browser 0
  • Opera Browser 1
  • Opera Browser 2


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Opera Browser free?

Yes, Opera Browser is available as a free download.

What is Opera Browser latest version?

The latest version of Opera Browser is 80.0.4170.72.

Is Opera browser trustworthy?

Opera is a trustworthy browser, and its developers are known for their commitment to security and privacy. However, like any other software, it is important to keep your Opera browser up to date to protect yourself against potential threats.

Is Opera a Chinese browser?

No, Opera is not a Chinese browser.

Is Opera web browser free?

Opera is "free" in the sense that you don't have to pay for a license to use it. However, like most software, it is not actually free to develop and maintain. The company that makes Opera, Opera Software, relies on revenue from things like licensing, search engine agreements, and donations to keep the browser free for users.

Is Opera owned by Google?

Opera is not currently owned by Google.

Is Opera a virus?

No. Opera is not a virus.

Is Opera VPN private?

Opera VPN is not private. Although it can encrypt your traffic and mask your IP address, it does not provide any security or privacy features. Furthermore, Opera VPN is known to keep logs of user data, which means that your information could be handed over to third-parties if requested.

What browser is most private?

There is not one definitive answer to this question as there are many different ways to browse the internet privately. Some popular options include using a VPN, using a private browsing mode, or using a secure browser.

Who uses Opera browser?

Opera is a free, cross-platform web browser developed by Opera Software.

Why you should use Opera?

There are a number of reasons why you should use Opera. First and foremost, Opera is a very efficient and speedy browser. It loads pages quickly and smoothly, even on slow connections. Secondly, Opera is highly customizable, allowing you to change the look and feel of the browser to match your preferences. Finally, Opera comes with a number of features that make browsing the web more convenient, such as built-in bookmarking, tabbed browsing, and password management.

How does Opera make money?

Opera makes money through advertisements and partnerships.

Is Opera a good browser in 2023?

No definitive answer exists for this question since future events are impossible to predict with certainty. However, based on Opera's past performance and the current state of the browser market, it is reasonable to expect that Opera will remain a strong contender in the browser space in 2023.

What has happened to Opera browser?

Opera browser has been discontinued.

Is Opera browser a spyware?

No, Opera browser is not a spyware.

Can I delete Opera browser?

Yes, you can delete the Opera browser from your device.

How do I permanently delete Opera?

There isn't a built-in way to permanently delete Opera. However, you can delete it by uninstalling it from your computer.

Which browser has built in VPN?

Mozilla Firefox has a built-in VPN service called Firefox Private Network.

How strong is Opera VPN?

Opera VPN is a free and unlimited VPN service that is provided by the Opera browser. It is a relatively new service, so there is not a lot of information available about its strength. However, from what is known, Opera VPN appears to be a fairly strong VPN service.

What is a secret browser?

A secret browser is a web browser that is designed to keep your online activity private and hidden from your ISP, government, and other third parties. Secret browsers typically have built-in tools that allow you to disable cookies, encrypt your traffic, and block ads and tracking scripts.

What is the best browser in 2023?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are many different types of browsers available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Can private searches be tracked?

Your search engine activity may be tracked by your ISP and by search engines themselves. They do this in order to provide better results to you as a user. However, if you are using a private search engine or a VPN, your search engine activity may not be tracked.

Why is Opera browser not popular?

Opera browser is not popular because it is not as widely used as other web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

What are the disadvantages of Opera browser?

The disadvantages of Opera browser include:-It can be slow at times-It can be challenging to use some of the more advanced features-It is not as widely compatible with websites and web standards as other browsers

Is Opera owned by Facebook?

No, Opera is not owned by Facebook. However, Opera does have a built-in integration with Facebook that allows users to stay logged in and access their notifications from within the browser.

How do I download Opera Browser?

You can download Opera Browser for free at http://www.opera.com/download.

How do I use Opera Browser?

You can use Opera Browser by downloading and installing the Opera Browser application on your computer.

How much does Opera Browser cost?

The Opera Browser is a free internet browser.

Is Opera Browser safe?

Opera is generally considered safe. However, like any other software, it has its own share of security risks. Make sure to keep your Opera browser up to date to reduce the chances of getting infected with malware.

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