WhatsApp 2024 Free Download Full Version

WhatsApp offers a free PC and Mac version of its popular messaging app. This desktop edition is an extension of the mobile app (WhatsApp Web) and not meant for standalone use. Setting it up is a breeze: launch WhatsApp Desktop, scan the QR code with your mobile app, and it syncs contacts and settings automatically. Your ongoing chats appear within seconds, allowing you to continue conversations seamlessly. While it's not groundbreaking, WhatsApp Desktop integrates well with your system, starts with your computer, provides native notifications, and supports all essential features like one-to-one/group chats, photo/video sharing, and location sharing. It's user-friendly and efficient.


Version: 2.2339.13.0
Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8
License: Free
Languages: English
Author: WhatsApp Inc



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